Women’s iPhone Crossbody Purse - One Case to Rule Them All

Having to go through days with a phone in hand and going about the chores is difficult. And what is more painful is having to carry a whole full-size handbag or backpack around, just to store the phone and cards. It has been a curse to every woman, and dare they start talking on the no-pocket pants and dresses. However, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel and with these Jetsetter Leather iPhone Crossbody/Purse Phone Wallet Folio Cases!


These purses are what every woman, no matter what her age or preference, can carry easily and pull off in style. Not to mention the convenience it renders along with the fashion-quotient. These luxury bags have been the talk of the town for some time now, and they seem like they’re here to stay.


Why the Jetsetter iPhone Crossbody/Purse case?


The reasons are pretty simple. The features they have are way ahead of its time, and the quality they offer is better than most other ones in the market. These combined will be a tough combination to find elsewhere. Here are a few features and qualities of these women’s iPhone purses no one should miss.


  • Manufactured and sold by Wolf & Hare. 


Wolf & Hare are the producers and sellers of the world’s best luxury iPhone wallets, cases, purses, and accessories, and the name they have built over time has been all due to the luxury products they deliver. The quality and build of each product speak for itself. And when it is the world’s best, you know you are signing up for some seriously top-notch products. Not just that, the brand offers a one-year case-protection warranty for which the customers can easily register online.


  • Leather says it all.


These meticulously designed and produced Genuine Full Leather iPhone purses are curated to perfectly envelop all the essentials of the user, providing a protective layer as no other purse can. The genuine leather comes with a warranty, and for the buyers to rest assured, it is the best quality one can find. Not to forget the genuine full leather-wrapped inner shell that contains the phone like a glove, protecting it from the damage of any kind.

  • They’re luxury for a reason.


Luxury has become a trend more than a vouching statement for a product’s quality these days. But the Jetsetter iPhone purses prove that wrong. At Wolf & Hare, luxury means just one thing - the quality of the product they deliver and how it is made. The brand assures each buyer of the quality of leather they are using. They provide a warranty and are helpful with any query one might have. Designing a product that serves the purpose well and manufacturing it in a way that every fold and stitch is perfectly made and seamlessly blends with the sophisticated vibe of the brand and the product itself is what they aim for.


  • Convenient and stylish.


These bags will make a statement for the users, even before they will have to. They go well with any setting and occasion and blend with all the other colors very well. The finish and color of the crossbody purses are top-notch and trendy, making it suitable for everyone. Whatever the outfit, the purse will add as a luxurious accessory and also does the job of carrying all the essentials. 


Features of the Jetsetter iPhone Crossbody/Purse Wallet Folio Case:


These revolutionary little purses come with:

  • There are three credit card slots, a sleeve to hold the cash or other cards, which are both magnetic and detachable. 

  • A built-in magnet function helps the users easily remove the iPhone from the case and put it back in a snap with its magnetic function. The purse is built to work perfectly in sync with the leather folio wallet that the brand also makes.

  • This purse has a snap closure, which ensures safe and secure storage for the phone and other important things, creating a perfect home for the basic essentials that makes it hard to live without. 

  • The adjustable crossbody straps ensure the purse is hung at a perfect height for the user as per their convenience.

  • The most revolutionary thing, however, is the presence of the wireless charging feature. This means that the users will never need to take their phones out to connect to charging wires and walk around with all of that hanging from their hands. To top it all, this charging feature works seamlessly with the Qi-certified Wolf & Hare magnetic car charger and most other chargers, making the charging on the go much simpler and convenient.


Variants of the Jetsetter iPhone Crossbody/Purse Wallet Folio Case:


The Jetsetter iPhone Crossbody purse/wallet folio case comes in a genuine full leather exterior and interior in the most universal, blush-nude color that goes well with people of any age or walk of life. It is not a very dominating color, nor is it dull. This very sophisticated build and color adds to the personality and style of anyone who carries it.


The purses come in many variants to fit different iPhones and their sizes. These are mainly available for the iPhones: iPhone X, XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Final Word

It’s a breath of fresh air for any woman who is tired of carrying the phone and wallet separately or who has to carry a full-size handbag for just the essentials. While pockets and bags might fail to help bring these essentials, the Jetsetter Crossbody iPhone purses with adjustable strap have come in like a hero to save the day. Be it a brunch date or just another adventurous day out or a party that would involve carefree dancing; these purses are perfect in size and features to help the users carry all the necessities like phone and essential cards, feeling safe and secure about their storage.