Wolf & Hare

Wireless Car Charger


The Wolf & Hare automatic wireless charger helps you easily charge your phone fast, while you drive from place to place. This automatic infrared unlocking and locking feature is a great way to easily and securely place your phone within view. Simply place the phone in front of the charger and the auto-clamping locking feature opens easily and then clamps when you place the phone against the charger. Be sure your phone is placed in the center and you'll see the charge icon light right up. This durable and long-lasting charger has been tested to over 100,000 charges and locks and is a Qi-certified wireless charger, so no need to manually plug in your phone. The future is here, and you'll find it with this exciting Wolf & Hare Wireless Car Charger.

Features include:

  • Wireless Charge any smart phone device in your car
  • Exciting new auto clamping feature opens and closes with infrared eye when you are close
  • Comes with universal car stand or smaller vent attachment so you can decide how you want to add it to your car
  • Two stand options ensure it will fit in any car
  • The fastest wireless car charger available on the market