Wolf & Hare

The Westsider - Women's Leather Magnetic Detachable iPhone Cardholder Wallet for iPhone 11, X / XS, Pro and Pro Max


The Westsider Wolf & Hare iPhone Wallet is best in class for those looking for style on-the-go. Our seasoned design team spent countless hours finding the quintessential union of fashion and comfort. This beauty is their brainchild, the Wolf & Hare iPhone cardholder folio, suitable for elegant women with sophisticated taste. 

The case features a magnetic inner leather shell case that detaches easily for photo ops (and reattaches easily afterward) - leave the wallet portion in your purse, car, or on the counter. Three credit card/ID slots and an inner pocket for cash or miscellaneous items ensure you have everything you need, always. For added peace of mind, the wallet portion features a magnetic snap to keep your belongings safe and secure while in your purse. We utilize only the finest grain soft top leathers to create this stunning, one-of-a-kind case that's sure to impress.

You won't find another product like this; the classy, practical design will protect your iPhone, simplify charging, and consolidate your most essential items into one fun and sexy folio.

Product Details

Material - Genuine Leather

Compatible iPhone Models - iPhone X/XS/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

Color - Champagne Beige

Benefits of a Leather iPhone Wallet

Leather is a beautiful material with unique properties and characteristics that make it the ideal choice to protect your iPhone. 

Sturdy: We are all guilty of dropping our phones from time to time. Despite our best attempts at attentiveness and caution, this is an unavoidable part of owning a smartphone - and perhaps the most dreaded occurrence of all. 

Fortunately, leather is an excellent shock absorber - not to mention it protects your iPhone from many other potential hazards, such as water, chemicals, dust, and sharp objects. If you have butterfingers, a leather iPhone case is a must-have. 

Functional: Compared with many other materials, leather comes out on top regarding thermal performance - which is excellent news for anyone who regularly watches videos or plays games on mobile. 

Simple: Donning a leather accessory the quickest way to go from rags to riches, and using our premium iPhone wallet will simplify your life - thanks to the dust-repellent nature of genuine leather, cleaning your phone will be quicker and easier than ever before.

Durable: Leather has a solid reputation for being long-lasting, and for good reason. Leather is a strong, lightweight, waterproof material that gains appeal with age (like a fine wine). We make our iPhone folios with self-healing, scratch-resistant leather, which utilizes the oils from your hands to prevent any abrasions from leaving a permanent mark. 

Over time, this process creates a ‘patina’ - a soft sheen that develops through use and exposure, lending personality and character to the product. As our leather is naturally tanned, it ages exceptionally well and holds up to even the most rigorous use. Many people prefer leather that is not brand new due to its appearance, which says a lot about the lasting value of investing in a quality leather iPhone case.

Pays for Itself: Not only can you acquire a high-end leather iPhone case for a reasonable price, but you’ll likely save hundreds on repairs thanks to the unbeatable protection offered by leather.

Classy: Without a doubt, modesty is an excellent quality for anyone to have. But, let’s be honest - having your iPhone in a leather case looks good. Whether impressing a first date or making a splash in the office, a leather folio is sure to overhaul your look instantly.